Ai Managed Medications Learns the most effective treatment plan for each patient.  Covered by Medicare CPT billing codes


How It All Began

FDA Grant

In 2018, TruMedicines was received an FDA Grant. After 5 years of Research and Development, the Telepack was completed with the goal to simplify the management of  taking medications.

UW CoMotion Lab

TruMedicines is actively improving the TelePack product inside University of Washington's CoMotion innovation lab. Located in Fluke hall, it is where the Telepack spent most of its time during the early stages.

Telepack is TeleMedicine + Automated Pharma

TelePack is covered by government approved CPT billing Codes, making sure that it is affordable.

The TelePack provides TeleHealth services at the touch of a button. No need for complicated procedures, laptops, mute buttons, cell phone apps everything is designed to be quick and easy to use.

The TelePack uses Video conferencing to connect you with your loved ones easily through the 8 inch touch screen and can monitor the dispensing of medication packets.

Remote Patient Monitoring

AMA TeleMedicine

 Telemedicine has historically referred to as remote clinical services, telehealth can refer to a broader array of services using both synchronous and asynchronous technologies, including:
- Real-time, audio-video Zoom calls.
- Talking Avatar Coaching assistance 24/7 answers
- Online digital visits and/or brief check-in services, including verbal/audio-only check-ins.
- Remote Med Adherence monitoring connected friends and family.
- Remote Avatar patient monitoring.

Our Promise

TruMedicines connects families together by delivering the right medicines at the right time.

Customer Service

  • Where to buy Pill Packs?
    TruMedicines can dispense pill packs from most makers including:
  • User friendly
    TelePack uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligent image technology to ensure customers can talk to a familiar face to answer questions and make sure they are never alone anytime 24 hours a day.
  • Care
    At TruMedicines, our customers are always our top priority. By streamlining the care process through the TelePack, our customers are 100% satisfied guaranteed.

Our Team


Cutting-Edge DeepPill Technology

How Image Recognition Works

Here's a graphic of a CNN network processing within the DeepPill Packet Identification process.

Personalized Companion Avatars from a Single Photo

TRACY is not a chatbot. Unlike virtual humans such as Kuki and Sophia, TRACY is completely driven by scripted content. “In all kinds of automation if you can add a level of humanity that adds value,” scripted video approach provides control and brand protection for companies along with the added “humanity.” Tracy only responds to human users with scripted responses. That may limit the scope of what these virtual humans can do but that is the point. They are designed to consistently perform a narrow function. Now that function can also be performed in multiple languages.

Custom Branded Packets

Whiteboxing allows the TelePack to collaborate with a partner online pharmacys to achieve wide distribution of worldwide. Interested in extending your Brand? Contact us today.

Insurance Coverage

How Much Will the Telepak Cost Me?

Telepack is officially an FDA Class I Medical Device (CFR 21 § 890.5050-NXB 2799), that is 100% covered by Medicare and Medicaid CPT insurance codes for TeleMedicine products. We will not break your wallet but help you get the most out of your home based TelePack dispenser.

3 Typical TeleMedicine Insurance Billing Codes

  • CPT 99454- Device supply with daily recording and programmed alerts - Monthly $61
  • CPT 99457 - Clinician spends 20 minutes in a month on care management - Monthly $48
  • CPT 99458 - The collection & interpretation of patient data by QHCP - Monthly $77
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